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Experience a virtual reality testdrive with your HTC Vive Headset. The special feature about this application is, that it is filmed in reality, meaning that it is basically an interactive movie.

The background of this application has been the Vienna Autoshow 2017, which gave us a really nice covering in the news:

News article: GO! Motomagazin

News article: www.heute.at

The main idea of this application is to show a possible future application of virtual reality for buying used cars. Providing the possible client with a fully featured 360° view around the car, he can easily check for any scratches there might be and be sure about the car itself before he might take a long way to testdrive the real car at a distant location.

Soon our used cars on www.dasweltauto.at will feature this 360° inside and outside option.

If you are interested in updates, or in how far we will use this technology in a real life application in austria, feel free to contact me.

This game has been produced by DasWeltauto of the Porsche Austria GmbH & Co OG, Louise-Piëch-Straße 2, A-5020 Salzburg


WeltAutoVR_Audi.zip.torrent 126 kB

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